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4 Eco-Friendly AC Innovations

You've probably heard that you can keep your AC system more eco-friendly and use less energy — thereby spending less on monthly energy bills — with proper maintenance and inspections. But you may not realize just how many options there are for homeowners who want to decrease their AC system's carbon footprint. Here are four recent innovations that may help you do just that.

1. Heat Pump AC Units      

While the energy savings in this example come in the winter, not the summer, the amount of energy it can save makes it worth mentioning. Using one unit to both heat and cool your house means huge savings overall in material costs, which, in addition to the energy savings for your monthly bill in the winter, is also better for the environment.

And the amount of money that this system can save you can be huge, when you consider that this system — which reverses the AC unit's effect to move heat into your house in the winter — can be much, much more efficient than a traditional heater that burns, say, wood or natural gas. Some experts claim it can be up to 10 times more efficient.

2. Solar-Powered AC Units

Whether you install a solar array and hook it to your AC unit or buy a unit that's pre-designed to work with solar panels (or even sold with its own panels), solar power is one way to completely cut out your monthly cooling energy bill. Not only is this great for your budget — assuming you can afford the one-time investment — but it's great for the earth as well because it means your HVAC isn't running on fossil fuels.

Plus, if you have your own energy source, you'll never have to worry about brownouts or rolling blackouts cutting off your supply of cool air during a heat wave.

3. Smart Home Solutions

Having a programmable thermostat for your AC is great because you can set it to use less cooling energy when you're away at work. But there's so much more to smart home solutions; for example, the ability to actually change your thermostat's setting from your smartphone while you're at work means you can customize based on the weather and other circumstances.

And some smart home solutions allow you to control your window blinds and other aspects of your home from your phone as well, which can help reduce unwanted heat gain and make your AC unit's efforts even more efficient.

4. Geothermal HVAC

Geothermal is basically a whole new type of air conditioning; it uses a heat pump to disperse the extra heat from your home in the ground rather than in the outside air. And because it brings cool air up from below ground, where the air is always cooler, it uses much more natural cooling and much less artificial or electrically-powered cooling.

Although the effects on your home's interior are similar, the effects on the earth are greatly reduced when you use this type of cooling. However, it's not available to everyone; you need to be able to put in pipes either into the ground or into a body of water for it to work. Certain types of soil work better than others, and the pipes can actually take up quite a lot of space, so talk to a contractor about this option before you decide to go for it.

These four innovations, through using a more affordable and earth-friendly type of energy, reducing the overall amount of cooling needed or by using the same unit for both heating and cooling, can help you save money and energy in a highly efficient, eco-friendly manner.

Whether you're looking for information on alternate types of AC, tips on using less power for your AC operation or just a maintenance checkup to make sure your AC system is functioning efficiently, AC Heating & Cooling Service Inc. is here for you. Request an appointment today.

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